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Crenner (February 19, 1982)

James Crenner - Crenner reads from his book of poems MY HEAD FLIES ON AGAIN.

Davison (April 8, 1983)

Peter Davison - Davison, a poet from Massachusetts, reads from WALKING THE BOUNDARIES and A VOICE IN

Elliot (September 17, 1982)

Harley Elliot - Elliot's books include ANIMALS THAT STAND IN DREAMS and THE SECRET LOVER POEMS. His

Eshleman I (May 21, 1982)

Clayton Eshleman - Eshleman, a National Book Award winner evokes the 1950s in poetry influenced by t

Ezekiel (May 28, 1982)

Nissim Ezekiel - Recorded in Bombay, this program features Ezekiel, one of India's foremost poets, r

Frumkin (December 17, 1982)

Gene Frumkin - Frumkin, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, reads from his book CLOUDS AND RED EARTH and oth

Guest (November 5, 1982)

Judith Guest - Guest talks about her writing and reads an excerpt from her novel SECOND HEAVEN. Acto

Halliday (March 19, 1982)

Miriam Halliday - Halliday, who used to live in the Ozarks, reads intense litanies and talks about h

Kinnell I (February 26, 1982)

Galway Kinnell - Kinnell won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize in poetry for SELECTED POEMS. This program was

Lifshin (January 29, 1982)

Lyn Lifshin - Feminist poet Lifshin has published more than 40 books and pamphlets and has served as

Mahapatra (October 8, 1982)

Jayanta Mahapatra - Mahapatra, one of India's foremost English-writing poets, reads from his award-w

Masters I (December 10, 1982)

Hilary Masters - Masters reads from his acclaimed autobiographical book LAST STANDS NOTES FROM MEMOR

Orr (September 24, 1982)

Gregory Orr - This is a recording of Orr at a public reading in Kansas City. He reads from BURNING T

Pastan I (October 29, 1982)

Linda Pastan - Maryland poet Pastan is the author of FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF and ASPECTS OF EVE. This r

Pinsky I (October 7, 1983)

Robert Pinsky - Poet and critic Pinsky, the Poet Laureate of the United States in 1997, reads from H

Pohl (April 29, 1983)

Frederick Pohl - Pohl, a noted science-fiction writer, reads two short stories, "Day Million" and "P

Ray D 2 (November 12, 1982)

David Ray - In public readings, Ray reads poems from THE TOUCHED LIFE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS. He al

Ray D IV (January 28, 1981)

David Ray - David Ray reads from AT THE LEVEE.

Ray J II (October 1, 1982)

Judy Ray - This program is a recording of Judy Ray at a public poetry reading at the Mark Twain Writ

Sontag I (October 15, 1982)

Susan Sontag - Sontag reflects on the eccentric writer Paul Goodman and reads from one of her essays

Sontag II (March 25, 1983)

Susan Sontag - Sontag reads "The Dummy," a short story from her book I, ETCETERA, and talks about ho

Soto I (April 9, 1982)

Gary Soto - Soto writes about his childhood among the migrant farm workers of California's San Joaqu

Thomas (February 12, 1982)

Lorenzo Thomas - Thomas, a Panama-born poet now living in Texas, is the author of JAMBALAYA, FIT MUS

Kizer, Carolyn (May 14, 1982)

Carolyn Kizer - In this public reading, furnished by The Watershed Foundation of Washington D.C., Ca

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