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Bly I (February 3, 1979)

Robert Bly - The National Book Award-winning poet plays the dulcimer and reads his poetry, as well a

Coleman & Lloyd (June 9, 1979)

Mary Joan Coleman - Colman reads from TAKE ONE BLOOD RED ROSE, a novel about the Appalachian region.

Coleman & Lloyd A (June 9, 1979)

Brian Lloyd - Coleman reads from TAKE ONE BLOOD RED ROSE, a novel about the Appalachian region. Bria

Dow (June 23, 1979)

Philip Dow - Dow reads from his published collections of poetry PAYING BACK THE SEA and POTLATCH. Do

Elkin I (March 15, 1979)

Stanley Elkin - The National Book Critics Circle Award winner reads from THE DICK GIBSON SHOW, a nov

Gildner I (November 3, 1979)

Gary Gildner - Gildner reads poems that reflect his own memories of childhood in post-war America.

Goedicke I (December 10, 1979)

Patricia Goedicke - Both Programs I & II feature Goedicke's poetry readings. In the second, she

Hacker I (June 1, 1979)

Marilyn Hacker - In a public reading, Hacker, a National Book Award winner, recites poems from PRESE

Harrison (May 5, 1979)

Keith Harrison - Harrison, originally from Australia, also lived in Minnesota for 10 years. His poem

Hebald I (January 13, 1979)

Carol Hebald - Hebald, an actress, fiction writer, and poet, reads the first two chapters of her nov

Hebald II (March 24, 1979)

Carol Hebald - A continuation of Program I, Hebald, an actress, fiction writer, and poet, reads the

Ignatow I (May 25, 1979)

David Ignatow - This program includes Ignatow reading at Syracuse University.

Jackson, Angela (March 10, 1979)

Angela Jackson - Chicago poet Angela Jackson received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in Creativ

Lorde, Audre (June 7, 2000)

Audre Lorde - Audre Lorde discusses her ideas about poetry and her experiences in West Africa. She r

McAnally (March 3, 1979)

Mary McAnally - McAnally, a poet from Tulsa, has published WE WILL MAKE A RIVER and ABSENCE OF THE F

Merwin I (May 12, 1979)

W.S. Merwin - Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for CARRIER OF LADDERS, Merwin was recorded here at a pub

Murray (December 17, 1979)

s from REPAIRS, which won the 1979 Devins Award.

Petesch I (February 17, 1979)

Natalie Petesch - Petesch reads AFTER THE FIRST DEATH THERE IS NO OTHER, a story told in the voice o

Petesch II (January 28, 1979)

Natalie Petesch - Petesch reads from her novel THE LONG HOT SUMMERS OF YASHA K, about the civil-righ

Raine (November 26, 1979)

Kathleen Raine - Raine is a distinguished English poet and critic of the generation of Auden and Spe

Ray D I (December 3, 1979)

HE TRAMP'S CUP, winner of the 1979 William Carlos Williams award from the Poetry Society of America.

Rothenberg (April 21, 1979)

Jerome Rothenberg - Rothenberg, author of many poetry books, including A SENECA JOURNAL and POLAND 1

Sanchez, Sonia (October 27, 1979)

Sonia Sanchez - This program was recorded inside Attica Prison in New York, where the poet and activ

Ullman (June 30, 1979)

Leslie Ullman - Ullman reads from NATURAL HISTORIES, the winner of the 1978 Yale Younger Poets Serie

Vinz (June 16, 1979)

Mark Vinz - Vinz, a poet, is author of WINTER PROMISES, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, and RED RIVER BLUES.

Voznesensky (May 18, 1979)

Andrei Voznesensky - This is a recording of Voznesensky, the noted Russian poet, at a public reading

Wally-Serote (April 13, 1979)

Mongane Wally-Serote - Wally-Serote, a South African poet who suffered under apartheid, reads from a

Wathan (November 12, 1979)

Ronnie Wathan - Wathan recites his own poetry and plays music on Irish bagpipes, a tin whistle, and

Wheeler (April 28, 1979)

Sylvia Wheeler - Wheeler, a Midwestern poet, reads from THIS CAN'T GO ON FOREVER, a book of poems.

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