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Brinkmann (March 4, 1978)

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann - Brinkmann, a German poet and translator, died in 1975. This memorial program

Clare (March 8, 1978)

Josephine Clare - Clare reads from MAMMOTO-CUMULUS, her book of poems about family and motherhood.

Conroy I (November 3, 1978)

Jack Conroy - Conroy, author of the famous 1930s novels THE DISINHERITED and A WORLD TO WIN, reads "

Cutler (April 7, 1978)

Bruce Cutler - Cutler reads from his books of poetry THE YEAR OF THE GREEN WAVE, A WEST WIND RISES,

Finnell, Dennis (November 18, 1978)

Dennis Finnell - Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, poet Dennis Finnell, reads from his debut c

Fried (December 2, 1978)

Emmanuel Fried - Fried reads a monologue from his play THE DODO BIRD. He also reads poems and storie

Gardner (October 21, 1978)

John Gardner - Gardner talks about his ideas in ON MORAL FICTION and reads from his National Book Aw

Gill (June 17, 1978)

Brendan Gill - A former editor at THE NEW YORKER, Gill reads "End of an Exceptionally Short Affair"

Gordone (December 30, 1978)

Charles Gordone - Gordone, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, reads poems about the experience of bein

Gurley (October 28, 1978)

George Gurley - Gurley's play CURES is presented along with an interview.

Hall J.B. I (March 3, 1978)

James B. Hall - For both Programs I & II, the California poet reads his poems. The second progra

Horovitz (December 23, 1978)

Michael Horovitz - Horovitz, an English experimental poet and early champion of the poetry-and-jazz

Joyce I (August 9, 1978)

William Joyce - Poet and fiction writer Joyce reads his poems, including "Small Town" and "Lewisburg

LeSueur (June 24, 1978)

Meridel LeSueur - Writer and activist LeSueur's stories of the Depression are collected in SALUTE TO

Lopez, Barry (February 4, 1978)

Barry Lopez - Barry Lopez reads from Giving Birth to Thunder, Sleeping with His Daughter: Coyote Bui

Mbembe (May 1, 1978)

Mbembe - Kansas City poet Mbembe (Milton Smith) reads his poems, as well as those by others include

McGrath I (June 8, 1978)

Thomas McGrath - Thomas McGrath, a Minnesota poet who died in 1990, reads from VOICES FROM BEYOND TH

McKinley, James (December 16, 1981)

James McKinley - Former editor of New Letters magazine, James McKinley discusses his nonfi

Moss I (April 18, 1978)

Howard Moss - These two programs feature readings by Howard Moss, a National Book Award winner. He r

Moss II (April 28, 1978)

Howard Moss - These two programs feature readings by Howard Moss, a National Book Award winner. He r

Salisbury (June 8, 1984)

Ralph Salisbury - Salisbury talks about his Native American heritage, and reads poems from GOING TO

Santos B I (May 8, 1978)

Bienvenido Santos - This Filipino writer reads several of his poems as well as the short story "A Vi

Santos B II (May 8, 1978)

Bienvenido Santos - Santos reads poems and his short story "The House That I Built." He also discuss

Scott H (October 14, 1978)

Herbert Scott - Scott reads poems from his books DISGUISES and GROCERIES.

Springer (April 15, 1978)

Marlene Springer - Springer talks about and reads excerpts from WHAT MANNER OF WOMAN: ESSAYS ON ENGL

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