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Now We Can All Go Home

Three Novellas in Homage to Chekhov

by Catherine Browder

Price: $15.95, 240 pages

ISBN: 9781886157934, 2014


Reviewed in ForeWord Reviews

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Washington Independent Review of Books

The Kansas City Star


Chekhov’s characters use words to avoid, conceal, cajole, deny, melodramatize, philosophize, prevaricate, and lie.  Who wouldn’t want to know what’s going on in the heads behind those busy mouths?  In a tour de force of the imagination, Catherine Browder deeply inhabits the point of view of central characters from three Chekhov plays — and creates the continuation of their lives in three convincing, charming and moving novellas.

—Janet Burroway
Losing Tim
Opening Nights

Catherine Browder is in love with Chekhov’s characters.  Why, she must be.  She breathes with them.  She understands them completely.  She gives them further life—follows them off the stage to other moments in their lives in this wonderful collection of novellas.  Yelena of Uncle Vanya meets a man more appealing to her than Astrov ever was.  Ah, we think, yes, she would.  Irina of Three Sisters has to deal with life after her fiancée is killed in a duel and the rest of the extended family pursues other matters.  They would.  The Sea Gull novella visits life on the estate, post Kostya.   Yes, life has gone on.  Browder, in impeccable prose, captures all this with tender feeling and with dead-on accuracy.  

—Kathleen George
The Johnstown Girls
Winter’s Tales: Reflections on the Novelistic Stage

Call it homage. Call if fan fiction. Whatever you call it, it's worth a read.

—Liz Cook, The Kansas City Star

Exhibiting a major literary talent of her own, Catherine Browder does Chekhov's plays and the characters that inhabit them a full measure of justice with new and imaginative storytelling that rivals Chekhov himself. Erudite, ingenious, original, and vivid, Now We Can All Go Home is very highly recommended reading and would prove to be an exceptional addition to community and academic library Literary Fiction collections. 

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