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One Blackbird at a Time


by: Wendy Barker

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Alice Friman   Although these poems begin in the classroom, their reach feels limitless and wild. Here, seemingly anecdotal encounters with the work of Henry James, Virginia Woolf or Robert Frost spiral into meditations on the lives of others, the complexities of our ethical decisions, the nuances of human relationships, and the certainties of mortality. It would be easy to say this is a ...

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    King of the Gypsies


    By Lenore Myka

    Winner of the BkMk Press G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, selected by Lorraine M. López. A new generation in Romania—with a few American friends—face‚Ä® communism’s ghosts with ...

    The Billion-Dollar Dream


    By Robert Day

    Day’s characters can be hoarders, filthy, larcenous and adulterous.  But there always emerges a moral point, a discovery or self-discovery, a quick drawing of the breath at what has been revealed or irretrievably lost.  Just as Pau...

Kansas City Literary Events

Megan Kaminski & Jim McCrary

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Lawrence, Kan.


Does Pope Francis Read New Letters?

One might believe Pope Francis had been responding to an essay by the biblical scholar and translator Willis Barnstone, “Is God A Jew? Is Jesus a Jew?”— from the summer 2015 edition of New Letters magazine...


Clarion Awards Selection CD Special

Jamaica KincaidJim ShepardGloria Vando & Anika ParisLuis Alberto Urrea, and Alex George, normally $7.99 per episode, this cd collection comes with over $15.00 in savings. Downloads of these programs have been reduced and are available through our archives.