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Time Winds


By Kisubi, Alfred

These poems demonstrate what has always been true of major writers: great feeling, ample skill, and significant concerns. They also continuously reflect Kisubi's origins. They allude often to the Amin era, its terror and unpredictability. …...

Hard Freeze


By Miller, Philip

My fingertips are still tingling from Miller's chilly collection. But Miller tells us that with the clarity of vision in winter that we should be able to see at last our difficulties and move towa...

Other People's Lives

By Parke, Catherine N.

Wit, forgiveness and amusement are still alive in contemporary poetry. Other People's Lives is a book written out of these sure and diverse responses to the world. And, yet, in the end, there are poems of the finest lyric uplift as well. -...

Night Vision


By Bowers, Neal

From the Publisher From the author of Words for the Taking : The Hunt for a Plagiarist and a masterful poet, this is the only poetry collection of his still in pri...

Forever is Easy


By Butler, Lynne Burris

Butler has a wicked eye for the outrageous and uproarious. --Colette Inez When I read Lynne Butler's work I feel good about the state of lyric poetry in the land...

Stations of the Air


By Ciardi, John

A buffet with light and heavy verse, something here for every taste. Individually they dazzle. -- North Shore Review Exquisite, breathtaking poems in graceful, lo...

Starting a Swan Dive

By Miller, Paticia Cleary

Miller's poems toss and turn like lovers seeking ecstasy. She closes in on sensual detail pulling us into erotic mysteries that emerge like Fabergé eggs. --Gloria Vando Hickok This spirited first collection proves M...

Someday Songs


By Ratner, Rochelle

From Publishers Weekly Personal and religious encounters provide the raw material for Ratner's ( The Lion's Share ) 13th collection of poetry. And the poems, which...

Counting Back

By Wheeler, Sylvia Griffith

Wheeler comes by her knowledge of the Midwest and the prairie from a lifetime of experience, and her poetry reflects a very spare approach to describing and conveying what she has seen and heard. Wheeler provokes. She...

Of Life Immense

By Broadstreet, Sarah

Broadstreet presents images of women at the turn of the century. A chronicle of five generations. Priceless for anyone researching functional families or details for historical fiction or drama. Broadstreet is a remarkably literate writer,...

Darmstadt Orchids, The


By Friebert, Stuart

This widely published bilingual author, translator and editor reveals the Middle European psyche in all of us. Here language seems to be an emotional minefield, where the path not traveled, the words left unspoken, ar...

Sleepwalking Beneath the Stars

By Schwartz, Howard

The poems of Howard Schwartz captured me on first reading them and made me want to go back and read them over again and again. His is a wonderful new voice in the U.S.--Yehuda Amichai I'm awed by the unity of vision and to...

Driving the Milford Blacktop

By Tremmel, Robert

This collection portrays unforgiving Midwestern images: bird hunters and waist deep snow, red dogs and all day winds. The poems speak about mysteries of time and loss, and of the enduring landscape. ...

Dancing Alone


By Wheeler, Sylvia Griffith

Wheeler comes by her knowledge of the Midwest and the prairie from a lifetime of experience, and her poetry reflects a very spare approach to describing and conveying what she has seen and heard. Wheeler provokes. She...

Curandero, The

By Curley, Daniel

  Sharp, ironic, beautifully written stories, a bravura performance.  Curley uses an economy of means to summon up a whole life, whether he's conjuring an incoherent octogenarian trapped in a snowdrift ("The Struldbrug), a birdwa...

Hanging out with the Crows


By Evans, David Allan

by David Allan Evans  Irresistible, down to earth amusing, bluff, insightful, unpretentious and extremely readable. Evans is a close observer...

Blue Spruce & Year of the Haiku


By Hall, Irving C.

Hall's terse and vivid poems provide insight into general confusion and do it in a way that is enduring. His wit answers the challenge of mortality. These are poems of a brave enthusiasm, a mature voice that has refus...

Urbane Tales


By Johnson, Raymond

Actor-playwright Johnson wrote short stories of sophistication, restraint and elegance. In the last book before his death, he once again demonstrates his quiet wit and language. "A natural, gifted story teller. I was both charmed and moved...

Three-Legged Dog


By Ward, James

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Story to Tell, A

By Novak, Michael Paul

[This book] brings a reader as close to the moment of experience as possible and does it with uncomplicated, graceful language and palpable feeling. You can revel in the absence of hyperventilation and wonder why more poets don't write like this. ...

Small Indulgences


By Rieke, Susan

Backlist Poetry. ...

Studies on Zone


By Brand, Alice Glarden

Worldly, rich, and sympathetic. Moving from observations to conversations to assertions. A master of the nuance of history and its broad sweep through our lives, Alice Brand is at heart a master singer of our communal...

Kisses in the Raw Night


By Garton, Victoria

Victoria Garton 64 pages, $8.95 cloth ISBN 0-933532-69-5 Poems as decorative antique boxes within boxes: "The Music Box," "Pandora's Box," "The Story Box,...

Paper Crown


By Hawkins, Tom

Tom Hawkins is a true master of what is perhaps the most difficult of all literary forms, the short-short story. . . . Paper Crown is a boo...

Press Box and City Room

By Gurley, George H

Simpson is more than a poet writing about sports. He is in passionate form. Gurley was a poet and a playwright, and his ability with words is clear. --Bill McClellan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sports enthusiasts will enjoy t...

To Veronica's New Lover

By Dion, Marc Munroe

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