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Airs & Voices


By Bonnell, Paula

   Winner of John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Mark Jarman    Book Description Publication Date: Jun...

Our People


By MacMillan, Ian

    Silver Award, For the Independent Publisher Book Awards Runner up, For the John Gardner Award for Fiction...

Black Tupelo Country


By Ramspeck, Doug

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Leslie Adrienne Miller Winner, Eric Hoffer Award ...

Portable Famine


By Arroyo, Rane

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Robin Beacker   The Portable Famine offers poems from Rane Arroyo's years of being an "interior exi...

Love Letters from a Fat Man


By Benaron, Naomi

  Winner of the G. S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, selected by Stuart Dybek Honorable Mention, Eric Hoffer Award...

Who Taught Me to Swim


By McKinley, James

Fiction. "These are stories that Hemingway himself would envy," writes Cary C. Holladay. These fourteen short stories capture James McKinley at his best, featuring characters who travel from Nebraska to Spain and Kenya as they search for fulfillme...

Garden Amid Fire, A


By Swan, Gladys

    Finalist, For the Eric Hoffer Award   Nine stories...skillfully track time's toll on the ability to live and love fully. -- Publishers Weekl...

Wayne's College of Beauty


By Swanger, David

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Colleen J. McElroy   ...

Necessary Lies


By Bakken, Kerry Neville

  Winner of the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, Selected by Hilary Masters Winner, of the Devil's Kitchen Reading Prize ...

Fence Line


By Bauer, Curtis

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Christopher Buckley  Poetry. "FENCE LINE is a terrific first book by a young poet with a uniquevoi...

Book of the Rotten Daughter, The


By Friman, Alice

  Finalist, Georgia Author of the year   Poetry. Women's studies. Alice Friman's THE BOOK OF THE ROTTEN DAUGHTER contains "astonishing poems which fearlessly...



By Donaghy, Daniel

    Finalist, Paterson Poetry Prize   Streetfighting is a racy, sobering book about the vicissitudes of an urban childhood.  Every poem has the ring of authenticity—the obs...

Beyond the Reach


By Cummins, Deborah

Poetry. "Cummins is a poet with both hands in plain sight. No manipulative literary affectations, no illustrations oftheory, no personal mission other than to address us directly, with clarity, authenticity, and above all, with generosity"--Ted Ko...

Circe, After Hours


By Kallet, Marilyn

Poetry. "Through vivid characters, she examines Jewish life in the American South, in New York, and in the death camps of Europe. She employs the historian's tools in 'speaking the past,' and then, through these poems, the past speaks to us"--Robi...

Logic of a Rose, The

Chicago Stories

By Lombardo, Billy

  Winner of the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, Selected by Gladys Swan Finalist, Society of Midland Authors Prize   These moving yet ...

Feast, The

Prose Poem Sequences

By Bargen, Walter

    Winner, John Gardner Award for Fiction   Poetry. Writer Debra Di Blasi calls The Feast, "a work of subversive genius, particularly relevant ...

I'll Never Leave You


By Francis, H.E.

    Winner of the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, Selected by Diane Glancy   Review Fiction. This collection of short stories explores the inner lives of characters who ...

Lake Erie Blue


By Grimm, Susan

In Lake Erie Blue, Susan Grimm has created a vibrant and haunted city of desire lying along a great lake that ripples with mystery. She sings of the one place we know more and less about than any other: home....

Prayer Against Famine


By Knoepfle, John

Poetry. In this moving book of poems,John Knoepfle transforms a search for his Irish roots into a meditationon human suffering and survival. The whole book is a prayer againstfamine and the gratuitous cruelty inflicted on the innocent, both theIri...

Bed of Nails


By Tanner, Ron

  Winner of the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, Selected by Janet Burroway Winner, Towson Prize for Literature, Maryland   Fiction. "[...

Escape Artist


By Blackhawk, Terry

  Winner of the John Cia...

Difficult Women


By Duhrssen, Alfred

By difficult women, the writer doesn't mean hard to seduce but women who are bad tempered, quarrelsome, and treacherous. She: You made me this way. He: That's what a difficult wom...



By Mitchell, Roger

[Roger] Mitchell gives us a history of the Adirondacks, with the Indian languages, travelers' accounts, songs and dances, diaries, museum artifacts, and the poet's own deeply rooted personal experience. It is a book t...

Alibi Café, The


By Troy, Mary

    Finalist, William Rockhill Nelson Award   Fiction. "What virtually all the characters share is a profound sense of ironic detachment that ke...

Dissolving Island, The


By Rigsbee, David

Poetry. "The work of a raconteur of the spirit, a splendid storyteller with just enough jaunty language to make you feel you'd want to hear almost anything he had to say. He is elegiac and disciplined, rapturous and suspicious, but more than anyth...

Blue Beat Syncopation


By Banks, Stanley E.

Poetry. African American. "Along with his mentor Langston Hughes, Banks is one of the few po...

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